A comparison of global healthcare costs, filtered by procedure & self-reported on the blockchain.

Procedure: Submit A Cost

What is this?

HealthPrices is a comparison of health care costs from across the globe. The prices shown are a mean average of data points self-reported by our users on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can filter the map by procedure types, and hover over different territories to get a sense of where they lie on the global healthcare cost scale.

Why do we need this?

Transparency in healthcare costs is extremely important. According to The Commonwealth Fund healthcare cost transparency is essential for 3 reasons:
  • 1. To help providers improve by benchmarking their performance against others;
  • 2. To encourage private insurers and public programs to reward quality and efficiency; and
  • 3. To help patients make informed choices about their care.
Just last month, President Trump signed an executive order requiring hospitals to publicly post standard prices for medical care in an "easy-to-understand, consumer-friendly" format that will "allow patients to compare prices across hospitals." While this is a massive step forward for the United States, the rest of the world still is still lacking in healthcare transparency regulations.

How will it help?

According to a study by Notre Dame University, customers who search for prices can save 10% to 17% on health care costs. This is monumental!

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